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Stay On Top of Tax Liabilities and Avoid Consequences through Diligent Tax Preparation

Tributum can help you handle the year-round tax work required for timely tax preparation and filing compliance.

Are you having a hard time staying on top of tax filing requirements? Do you have to scramble and shuffle accounting resources at tax time to meet deadlines? Are you unnecessarily risking fines and legal consequences?

Business and complex entrepreneurial tax filing is much more than an annual obligation. To remain prepared and compliant, you need to have a solid tax plan. That plan needs to be broken down into manageable tasks with clearly assigned responsibilities. This means tax management needs to be part of your regular operations plan.

Is your current provider allowing time and resources for periodic tasks that allow you to keep ahead of filing requirements? Do they have the processes and systems in place to efficiently manage your preparation needs?

As your financial profile becomes more complex, your tax obligations require more specialized and formal management. That means relying on unprepared and rushed tax return delivery. Investing in carefully executed tax preparation and filing ensures minimal tax liability without the risks.

Employ a total tax management solution

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Follow a year-round tax plan

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Stay on top of all filing requirements

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Eliminate the risk of noncompliance

Tax Preparation Is More Than an Annual Occurrence

Tax preparation and management is truly a year-round activity. It takes careful tax planning and a vigilant awareness of monthly and quarterly obligations.

Failure to understand or comply with filing requirements can be costly. It can also be incredibly stressful on you and your staff. But you don’t have to wait until the last minute or miss an important deadline before you realize it’s time to make a change.

At Tributum, our tax professionals offer continual guidance. With our help, you’ll be able to assess, understand and adjust your ongoing tax situation before it unfolds.

You can be confident in the proven, low-risk techniques your company uses to minimize tax liability and risk. You just need a partner to help you stay prepared. Please let us help you!

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Here’s what you get from Tributum:

        • Complete tax plan
        • Clear monthly and quarterly guidance
        • Timely filing
        • No compliance risk
        • Minimal tax burden

It’s easy to work with us, here’s how:

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The penalty for late tax filing is 5% of the unpaid tax (charged each month up to 25% total) and the penalty for incorrect filing can be up 40% (varies by offense). This can add up to a painful (and completely unnecessary) 5 or 6 figure cost that can significantly hurt. And this doesn’t include the legal consequences (which can be even more severe). Don’t risk it. Don’t wait. Call Tributum today to schedule your complementary tax consultation.