Since it’s already late September, and we’re closing in on this year’s October 15th tax deadline, we wanted to remind you of some key points for filing your 2020 taxes. After you’ve digested those important points, you can then go through a link roundup of some interesting articles we found over the past month. Finally, we’ll share some fun Fall adventures to enjoy throughout the area.

Speaking of the fast-approaching tax filing deadline, it can be easy to put things off by just one more day. It is important to remember that taxpayers must file on or before the extended deadline of October 15, 2021, to avoid a late filing penalty. Our electronic filing and signature options help you meet the deadline by not relying on mail services to get your forms in on time.


If you’re filing electronically, remember:

  • Payment can be made when taxpayers file electronically using our online tax software.

While taxpayers usually are not penalized for failure to file if they’re owed a refund, they will risk losing that refund if they wait too long to file and claim it. You can avoid penalties and interest by filing your 2020 return as soon as possible and paying any taxes owed.

If you’re owed a refund, it’s safer and faster to file electronically. You can use direct deposit into one or more accounts or purchase US savings bonds.

With that, let’s take a look at some of the articles we’ve enjoyed this week.

  • Barron’s brings us a look at how to claim social security at the right time. Many people claim it early before they reach their optimal payout, which can permanently reduce their benefits and spousal payouts. Sometimes people claim early because they underestimate their longevity, particularly during a pandemic. Check out this article for helpful do’s and don’ts for calculating when to start taking social security payouts.


  • Wondering about retirement savings strategies? Check out this piece about four retirement strategies wealthy people rely on, including taking advantage of Roth IRAs (more on those in a minute), using a health savings account, having a goal, and working with a flat-fee advisor.


  • So what is a Roth IRA? Essentially, it’s a retirement account you can use to invest in stocks, bonds, and other securities. Because you fund it with post-tax dollars, withdrawals are not taxed once you reach retirement age. For that reason, they’re best for people who expect to pay higher taxes in the future than they are now. Check out this article for more in-depth information.

With Fall upon us, we’ve decided to round up some fun adventures to take advantage of in our local area.


  • Also, this weekend is the Great Frederick Fair, which runs through September 25. Check out the schedule of events here. Nothing says Fall like the County Fair, and it’s a great chance to support local vendors and farmers.


  • Want something right in town? Fall Market Days has you covered, with tasty treats and local artisans with goods on display.


  • The Summers Farm Fall Festival runs through October 31. It boasts a 12-acre corn maze, pumpkin picking, the best fall eats, and many more activities for the whole family.


We hope you all have a fantastic, entertaining start to your Fall season.