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Tributum provides comprehensive tax planning and preparation services to health and medical professionals.

Are you employing the right entity structure for your practice? Have you identified the right compensation and benefits mix to maximize your total income? Are you taking full advantage of the industry-specific allowable deductions to minimize your tax bill?

You spend all day seeing patients. You don’t have the time or energy to deal with back office accounting issues. But you need to know what’s going on with the numbers so you can develop an effective tax strategy and minimize your overall tax liability. We can help.

Use specialized tax expertise to ensure minimal tax liability

ideal corporate structure

Identify the ideal corporate structure

maximize allowable deductions
Maximize allowable deductions
medical compensation model

Employ the proper compensation model

Take Care of Your Patients. We’ll Take Care of Your Taxes.

The medical profession requires enduring one of the most rigorous and demanding educational backgrounds in academia. You spend long hours in school consuming a challenging and expansive curriculum. Then you spend years in residency learning and honing your practice of medicine. This requires your full and devoted attention and leaves little to no time for back office operations related to tax regulations and tax planning strategies. That’s why Tributum offers specialized tax services for health and medical professionals just like you.

It starts with the structure. Medical practitioners must be careful to select the ideal corporate structure. You need to understand the benefits and implications of the various entities and their impact on your taxes. We will help you evaluate your individual liabilities and objectives and determine the right entity type for your practice. You’ll be able to confidently select and establish a corporate structure that meets your current needs, while leaving room for future growth.

Another important consideration relates to compensation. While medicine offers lucrative career opportunities, the way you pay yourself can have a definite impact on the final income numbers. You’ll have to consider both your personal and professional tax situations and determine the ideal mix of salary vs. dividend. When you work with us, you’ll evaluate both short and long-term considerations and use them to build an effective strategy that delivers you the best tax rate advantage.

It takes money to make money and few understand that better than medical professionals. The IRS recognizes this and offers several distinct allowances for those in your industry. The challenge is that these allowances are constantly evolving. You need to stay up to date with countless new and changing regulations to ensure your expenses are properly accounted for. We help you identify the proper procedures for documenting and submitting your expenses, so you can confidently minimize your overall tax liabilities in a compliant and timely manner.

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Here’s what you get from Tributum:

          • Corporate entity structuring
          • Compensation guidance
          • Allowable deduction expertise
          • Effective tax planning
          • Compliant tax preparation
          • Minimal tax burden

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You’ve dedicated yourself to a life of service that leaves little time for operational issues related to tax planning and preparation. We would like to offer our service to help you in this area. We have years of specialized experience working with medical professionals. We can help you minimize your tax liabilities and maximize your wealth. Call Tributum today to schedule your complimentary tax review.